Information on Pre-Order

Ever wonder how your friends' eyes got bigger and prettier? The trick is to purchase a pair of circle lens! Circle lens are colored contacts that are generally bigger than the regular contacts so it makes your eyes appear bigger than they really are! They have been extremely popular in Asia for a few years now, and I've been importing them straight from Korea so that you girls can try them out yourself =) Oh and I only survey this brand because it's really popular and trustworthy, and most important, they are the most comfortable. I can wear these 10 hours straight and still feel good ;)

I have been selling circle lens for awhile now, hence my 6th batch. I first sold on AsianFanatics, then moved to The Market Place due to annoying moderators closing my survey for reasons I do not know -_- I've sold a total of 700 pairs and most if not all of my customers are happy buyers. Many come back for more. I've been whitelisted on Soompi +313, although I'm sure I've had more transactions than that. Due to the policy of no selling circle lens on Soompi I decided to make a pre-order here:

Pre-orders require customers to pay in advance before I ship out the goods.

  1. Customers fill out forms
  2. Once I reach a goal of 100 pairs, I will close the survey
  3. I will e-mail everyone to confirm everyone's orders and place an order to my supplier
  4. After confirmation, customers must send in payments
  5. Once all orders have been confirmed, and payments have been received, I will pay my supplier and he will ship out the package with a tracking number
  6. After I receive the package, it will take me 2-3 days to pack and ship out everything
  7. Customers will receive their packages in 3-14 days depending where they are located
Payment Information:
  • All prices are in USD (
  • Canadians must pay in CAD cash or money order or USD for PayPal
  • Americans and internationals must pay in USD via PayPal, or Cash
  • PayPal users must bear the PayPal fees and currency exchange fees (
Additional information:
  • I ship to Canada, US and International as long as you pay for the shipping fees
  • I do local pick ups at my place for free or Square One for $2 extra; no where else
  • Do not wear circle lens if you have astigmatism over 150; I do not provide toric lens
  • Please soak lens in solution (any kind) for at least 6 hours prior to wearing
  • You can wear circle lens even if you have never worn contacts before, just learn how to put them on
  • This pre-order process may take up to 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast customers cooperate!
  • All items are shipped in a bubble padded mailer/box depending quantity
  • All lens last one year from the day you break the seal
  • All lens have a base curve of 8.6mm
  • All lens have a diameter of 14.0 mm
  • All lens have a 42% water content which makes these the most comfortable lens I've worn especially compared to Freshlooks!
  • All lens have a CT of 0.04 mm
  • The lens that can come with prescription can go from 0.00-9.00 power; in 0.25 steps

Images of Circle Lens:

For pictures of girls modeling these lenses, please visit Soompi's Circle Lens Album


Lam said...

I order from here.. the contacts are great.. really really comfortable. FRESHLOOKS can't compare..i can wear freshlooks for like 3 hrs and my eyes get irriated already but these i can wear up to 12 hours or even more.. i'm not suggesting that you do but sometimes things happen and you can't take them off. it's my 10th pair since i started in September.. The nudy greens are my favourite of all times..the grey and purple are also great and i assure you most of the colors in the nudy series have not failed me.. i have yet to try the blues.. but i believe their the next ones in line.

Yasmin Yusri said...

Which one would you recommend that's most natural-looking? I have dark dark brown eyes, almost black. I think the Geo Black ones are? But I'm not sure.

Please, if you can, reply back to my email?
I'm 75% sure I'm going to order from you sooner or later :)

Mei said...

Hey I was wondering do you still have the ones that people backed out on available?? Thanks!

Cindy said...

Hello~ I'm interested in buying a pair or two contacts from you. I was just wondering if you had an estimate on when you'll be placing the next batch order for the EOS contacts and how long would it take them to ship? Thanks!

Siv said...

Hi! I have a few questions...

Are the V-201 browns the same as EOS pure brown?
And also, are you doing a pre-order on them?
Would it be possible for me to order them in -3.75 prescription, for both left and right eyes? Or do you only have them ready-stock in -1.25? :(

Please let me know, I am very interested!

Crystal said...

Hi! I'm interested in purchasing some EOS circle lenses. When will you be doing another order of those lenses?

Please Email at

Angel said...

Hey there!
I really want circle/colored lenses in brown but I'm not sure which style would look the most natural on me. (I don't want it to be too noticible that i am wearing circle lenses) My eyes are dark brown and I want my eyes to look more brown, like medium brown. Can you help please?
And I also have astigmatism with an axis of 10 in my left eye and 160 in my right eye.
The cylinder of both eyes is -1.75
Are these lenses safe for me to wear??
Thanks for your help!