We offer various brands of circle lenses straight from Korea. Circle lenses are cosmetic lenses with a larger diameter and usually have a noticeable ring to give your eyes an enlarging and brightening effect! They are very popular in Asia and have gained popularity in America the past few years.

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April 1, 09

Geo's Anti-Fake System

We are very pleased to announce the Anti-Fake System effective April 01, 2009. You can check the authenticity of Geo lens by filling the 20 digit code in your sticker at the checking system site of geo.fw1860.com. Please be advised that the stickers are not available for the lenses produced before April 1, 2009.

Jan 22, 09

I have just received an email from GEO.
Apparently there have been fake GEO products in blister packaging going around! They have sent me the pictures of the fake ones. They look very similar I must say!