September 1st
So I am finally settled in Korea. I have Internet and will be able to access emails now =) YAY! So guess what? My sister told me that the lenses from the supplier actually came!! WOW! After I had refunded everyone! I hope you guys will still want the lenses, especially those with prescriptions cuz I don't know what to do with them =S My sister is actually checking if all the lenses are there, and if so I will email you guys again to see if you will still want them. They will be shipped out asap if you do decide to take them.

August 17th
I will not be doing any preorders at the moment. The only lenses available are the ones on the ready stock page which has been recently updated. First come first serve~ I'll probably resume preorders once I get settled down in Korea.

August 12th
I wonder if you guys even read my updates. I haven't been checking my emails or msges so I hope you guys read this. The claim was resolved today and they were able to give me back HALF the amount he owes me. Isn't this ridiculous?? He is still not answering my emails.. I don't think I'll ever see the other half of the payment ever again.. so this is out of my pocket once again. I obviously didn't have enough in my account so I had to refund everyone out of my bank account so some are in canadian funds... please don't complain if I'm a couple cents off etc. and yes some are in echecks cuz I dont have any instant funds in my account, please be patient, you'll get them soon enough!! For those who paid with cash, I'll be sending you guys cash through mail so please watch for it~ I'm stressed enough as it is.. I still have to harass the supplier for the rest of the money. I still have to pack and prepare for a year in Korea and I'm pretty frustrated already. I'm sorry for the late refunds etc!! If any of you guys want any of the GEO lenses in stock just post in the thread, I'll give you guys a discount for the plano lenses~

August 8th
I just got back Friday morning around 2am and had to go rush to the Korean consulate the next day and rush my documents for the visa. My basement was also flooded on wednesday so everything is a mess in the house. I am leaving for Korea on the 17th but I'll be sure to give everyone back their refunds. All lenses that could be shipped out has been shipped out.
So the dispute was escalated to a claim and if he doesn't reply by the 11th I should get the money back. I can;'t give any refunds back unless I get the money back from the supplier cuz my paypal account is empty right now. Anyways I'll start refunds this weekend. I'm quite stressed as it is. I can't believe GEO messed up on the lens cases and the supplier screwed me over after how many transactions I did with him?? Sorry guys, please be patient with me! I was gone for a month so things are still a mess!

August 2nd
Sorry for lack of updates, we had to work for 10 days straight for 12 hours each day and then we drove out to Vancouver to see my grandpa cuz he won't be here for too long. It's been exhausting driving 10+ hours each day getting from places to places. We were in seattle and had our car broken into. The other night we had to drive 13 hours from seattle to billings and we had an encounter with a moose on the highway in the dark while we were going at 120kmh so I'm just thankful to be alive. Anyways I have not heard back from the supplier after sending numerous emails to him so I escalated the paypal dispute to a claim. I'll be sending out whatever packages are left and anyone who needs a refund will have to wait till I come back which will be August 7th. Please don't bomb me with emails cuz i wont have time to check them and I dont have access to internet all the time. I just wanted to update you guys so you know when to expect a refund~

July 16th
I'm sorry if you guys arent getting immediate replies. I'm on the road going everywhere so I stay at different hotels each day which means most of the time I dont have access to computer/internet cuz either they charge for it or their wireless sucks. I've done enough batches to gain a good rep so don't worry if you haven't received your package yet. It's either because I haven't received your payment yet or the supplier hasnt sent me the lenses. If he really ditches the transaction, you'll get your money back for sure =) I will be back home early August.. please be patient with me!!

July 13th
I got an email from the mixed brands supplier:

I am sorry for late replying.
I am really sorry again.
I did not businss work for a while becuase of private things. And, I started work from this week.
I will send your products in this week if it is possible.
I want to say sorry again for late replying and delayed.

So I did open a transaction dispute just in case...I'm still waiting for a tracking number.

July 10th
Some of the packages have been shipped out. I am out of Canada right now so my sister is helping me ship the packages/ GEO is so stupid this batch, they forgot two pairs and all 200 lens cases and doesnt want to ship it until my next order cuz shipping is high. So all i can say is that i owe everyone lens cases but theres no way of getting them this time. and for the missing pairs, i will definitely refund you when i get a chance. i dont know details right now cuz i dont hvae anything with me but just trust me. Also the supplier has not even gotten back to me after i paid =\ i just emailed him again so lets hope i hear back from him. sorry guys!!

July 3rd
Sorry for the lack of update, I just haven't heard from them so far. They are taking so long this time =( Here's GEO's tracking # EC103461891KR

June 23rd
Sorry! I've been lazy with updates but I have ordered the lenses already =)

June 3rd
I just came back from Victoria a few days ago, I haven't had the time to reply to questions/orders. I will get back to you as soon as I can =) We will be ordering in a week or so. Oh and I would like to share that I am now engaged!!~ =D

May 23rd

I will be leaving today to Victoria, BC for a week. Won't reply till I come back.

May 17th
I shipped out the rest of the lenses this weekend =)

May 11th
I received GEO's tracking EC102351617KR which should arrive this Thursday or Friday and supplier #2 package came as well

May 10th
I received supplier #2's tracking ee919106705my

May 07th
Supplier #1 lenses have arrived!

May 06th
Paid GEO and Supplier #2 **there were a few holidays in Korea the past week so things got a little slow

May 05th
Supplier #2 lenses have been ordered

May 04th

Supplier #1 has shipped my package! EM98854613KR

April 27th
Both GEO and Supplier #1 orders have been paid for! Still waiting for payments!!

April 27th
Sorry for the lack of updates. Both GEO Batch #12 and Supplier #1 Batch #3 have been ordered. I am still waiting for payments. Please get them in immediately, thank you! New batches have started!

March 18th
Still taking orders, but I will be away to Alberta till the 29th so no emails will be answered till then.

March 13th
I shipped some more out today:

March 11th
I shipped some out today:

sasuki4now@hotmail.com 9190 7804 1848 1008
refresh.em@gmail.com 9190 7804 1851 3006

March 10th
GEO package received, taxed $35, will ship out tomorrow:

March 09th
Supplier #1 has shipped out the package EM923647849KR
Geo's package should be here by tomorrow I think...

March 06th
Supplier #2's package has arrived:

March 05th
Supplier #2 EE919106250MY
GEO EC101160222KR

February 18th

I shipped out the rest of the packages in batch 10 today.
Also, GEO has informed me that they will no longer be making JB-101 and JB-102 but they will be replaced by BC-101 and BC-102, I will supply pictures this weekend!
Those who ordered JB lenses will have to switch to something else! Thanks!

February 12th
I have not yet received the tracking number from the supplier for the second package. Until I do, I will not send out confirmation/payment emails for batch #2 for supplier #1 just as a precaution. I am still in touch with him so let's hope he'll give me the tracking number asap.
I have also added new lenses, please check out the MIRINE page. Thanks!
Edit: I just received the tracking # EM897350423KR

February 4th
I picked up the first package from the supplier the other day and have already shipped some packages out. I am still waiting for the second package which should be coming soon. I've added new lenses from two different suppliers, please check current batch status' to see what the goals are for each one. This month has been going pretty slow for my GEO orders. =(

January 28th
I picked up the lenses at 6pm so I probably won't have them packed and shipped till Friday. I got an email from the other brands supplier and this was what he said:
"The items have shipped today.
We will let you know the ems no.
Sorry for late response.
In Korea We had on holiday for 24-27. We are not used to do it yet so, we got the customer's complain a bit.
But we do all the best. And the several items that we've sent are excepted. Some of G&G is sold out especially,
for TWOCOLOR-BROWN. We did not know that as well so we couldn't get it. We will update the site. We think that
you would wait the suff for a long time so, we sent you goods without 15 pcs first. we will send you on 02-02 again.
We will refund you the G&G. Once again we are very sorry. We will try not to make the mistakes never agian.
Pls tell me what you want me to do. Thank you.

I don't really know what he means... but I have a feeling I'll have to be refunding people. This was my first time ordering from him, I don't know if I should continue to do business with him or find a new supplier. Anyhow, I just wanted to update you guys.

January 23rd
GEO has sent me the tracking number EC100596095KR now if only the other supplier will work faster!

January 22nd
If you've been here before you will have noticed that I have renovated my blogspot! It not looks a lot cleaner and user friendly =) I busted out whatever HTML skills I learned from back when AsianAvenue was still hot! lol Anyways, I am still waiting for the tracking numbers for Batch 11 GEO and Batch 1 other brands.


Kristy Kean said...

You're just copy from another blog site.

Even if you copy others' idea, you should give proper credit to the original source.

sugar_puff <3 said...

Hi Kristy,

I've had my site for awhile now. I simply renovated it because I added different brands so it's more user friendly and less cluttered. I'm not sure who you're talking about but I didn't copy anything from anyone. Content is my own. If you're talking about the design, it's a template so I don't know what the "original source" is.

Anonymous said...

hey, how do we know weather were getting refunded or not? cause idk whos my supplier