I believe people tend to feel more comfortable with pre-orders when they know at least a bit about the seller. I do anyways. Here's a bit about how I started selling circle lenses.

I first learned of circle lenses from a large community forum called Soompi (if you're from there you might have seen me around, user name is sugar_puff <3 ) and purchased my first pair of circle lenses in 2006. I have been obsessed with them ever since. I became very interested in the various models and decided to bulk order them directly from manufacturers. I also noticed the demand for these lenses from other users in the Soompi community so I held pre-orders to help everyone try these out. I've seen ridiculous prices ranging from $40-$60 each pair so holding pre-orders allow me to give affordable prices to you guys. Since 2007 I have sold over 1000 pairs! I did this part time while studying in university so I held batches every few months. Now that I've graduated from university, I've had more time to conduct orders monthly, and slowly adding different brands so you guys can have more variety to choose from!

If you're interested in knowing more, please read on =)

I graduated in June 08 from University of Toronto with a specialist in Digital Enterprise Management and since then have been unemployed. Why? I simply didn't want to go out and work yet. I felt that four years of school (with some work in between) was a bit exhausting so I decided to take a break. It's been 8 months since I've been unemployed and I think I've fallen in a comfort zone where I just don't want to work. I know it's really bad! I've spent most of my time with my family or my boyfriend just relaxing and playing. I think I'm quite spoiled! No one has really nagged me to go work but I feel bad. My older sister paid for most of my tuition with her money but I have to pay her back really soon: $17,000. I've only paid her back $3,000 since I've graduated. She never rushed me to pay her back but she just got engaged recently and well weddings cost a lot so I have a year from now to pay her back the debt! My boyfriend and I are planning to teach English in Korea this July give it that we both get in (fingers crossed). Hopefully I can find a decent job between now and then.

More about my family because that's what I care most about! I have an older sister, a younger brother and a younger sister. I'm in the middle and I like it! My parents are good to us, but very conservative regarding us and the boyfriends. I'm not allowed to go traveling with my boyfriend until I get married. Although traveling for work with him is okay! I have a female tabby cat, a male pomeranian and a female pomeranian. Oh by the way, she is in her first heat! Meaning she had her period! But they are not allowed to breed until she's full grown. I simply adore animals! I wish I could have more but they are huge responsibilities! Anyways that's all I have to share. Don't be shy to ask questions, I don't bite =P

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